* Meet the Staff *

Michelle McCormick

I founded Stage Kids CA in response to the question, "Where do we go for more?" After directing musicals in Campbell, CA elementary schools for 5 years, I discovered there was a desire for more options in children's community theater programs. With the desire for kids to develop and not just perform, Stage Kids CA Theater School was launched in Fall, 2010. I played my first lead as "Scrooge" (yes, playing a boy!) in 5th grade and have had a love for theater ever since. I've been married for over 30 years and have 1 son who is married and 1 son in college.

Jenita Nakamura

Managing Director

I joined the Stage Kids CA family in 2011 as choreographer, and I fell in love with the warm, community environment nurtured by the owner, Michelle McCormick. As part of the team, I have been honored to take on leadership opportunities as they have arisen. Currently I serve as lead manager for CA, and I enjoy representing SKCA as the public face of leadership overseeing our CA theater productions, classes, community events. But the best part of it all is that I still get to play, sing, and dance with the kids in our programs!

Susan Rojas

Operations Manager

Susan joined the Stage Kids staff in August 2011, starting as the Assistant to the Director, doing everything from costuming a Summer production to Stage Managing Winnie the Pooh before moving into her current position as Operations Manager in January 2013. She is the “behind the scenes” person who manages the daily operations of Stage Kids.

Susan believes that theater enriches a child’s life and has seen it first hand with her own kids. Susan is married with a blended family of 7 daughters, one son and 18 grandchildren.

Celia Scheuerman

When my son was in his first Stage Kids production in 2012, we experienced first hand the professionalism, love, and enthusiasm of this amazing group. I started working at Stage Kids in 2013 as Stage Manager, and am now also Directing. I am passionate about theater and the value it provides in our lives. Working in Children’s Theater for almost 20 years has taught me the value of community in theater, and what a wonderful community Stage Kids provides. I love to see kids grow and develop as performers, gaining confidence, working as a team, and having so much fun creating a show! It’s alway satisfying to have a great product, but when the process is just as fun, then the experience is exceptional!

Sharon Schedler

Stage Manager

I have enjoyed working in children's theater, in various roles, for about 15 years. The best part of it is always helping kids learn and grow into amazing performers. Currently working with Stage Kids as a Stage Manager is both fulfilling and challenging, and I have seen many kids rise to their best and wow us! I've been married for over 25 years and have two adult daughters, who both participated in children's theater as kids.