Got Talent???

Stage Teens presents:  Reflections: Adolescence in Revue


Calling Teen Singers, Dancers, Actors, Writers, Choreographers

* Does your high schooler need a safe environment to warm up material for auditions?

* Do they have a bestie that they want to duet with?

* Do they have a small group piece that they hope to perform?

* Have they written a song or scene that they want to present to an audience?

Here's an opportunity every teen should enjoy!

Stage Teens presents:

Reflections: Adolescence in Revue

This intensive is designed to help teens create, prep and present a work of their choice. Instructors will map out guidelines, preview content, provide feedback, and help polish all performances. The finished product will be a masterpiece filled with reflections of life through adolescent eyes.

Intensive Mon-Fri 5-9pm Bring Your Own Bag (bag o'food)

Performances Sat 2p & 6pm. Mini-social after final performance.  

*Note: All material will require submission for approval and draft edits 2 weeks before the intensive via email, YouTube or other file sharing source. Performance material will be provided for those who request it during registration.

Intensive and Performances held at The Historic Hoover Theater
1635 Park Ave, San Jose CA 95126

Registration: $195

Ages: 12-17



Join the Cast of our 3rd Annual Holiday Production!


Come share the magic of this wonderful musical adaptation of everyone’s favorite Christmas classic!  "Bah, Humbug!"  Ebenezer sings, dooming himself to visits from three Christmas spirits.  With the first ghost, he sees his sister Fanny as they sing "One Last Christmas."  Next, Scrooge is taken to the home of his employee, Beth Cratchit, where Tiny Tim sings "God Bless Us, Everyone."  Finally, Scrooge watches as the entire town celebrates with "He’s Dead and Buried!"  Ebenezer’s revelation that "Life Was Meant to Live" brings a heart-warming conclusion to Dickens’ beloved tale. 


Ages:         10 – 17 years